Who we are

About OCRR

hand shakeThe OCRR (Organisation for Conflicts Resolution and Reconciliation) is a community peace-led and conflict resolution organisation. Based in Leeds, we serves all communities in and around Leeds.

We are a non-governmental organisation, which settles disputes by peaceful means and unites parties for sustainable peaceful coexistence.


Our vision is promote out of court settlements of disputes and minor crimes.


Promoting peaceful coexistence through conflict resolution.


  • To promote sustainable peaceful coexistence of parties to internal disputes.

Internal disputes that go through the court system tend to divide rather than unite parties due to the penal element within the court system. However, engaging parties outside of the formal judicial system especially by mutual consent is likely to unite parties for a peaceful

  • To reduce level of criminalization of offenders of petty crimes.

By addressing the root causes of petty crimes through education and counselling and by engaging with people through community intervention, convictions for petty crimes may be decreased.


  • To reduce court workload by settling minor criminal cases out of court.
  • To preserve relationships.
  • To maintain reputations.
  • To settle internal disputes cost effectively.


  • To settle disputes and promote unity among family and community members.
  • To promote peaceful coexistence among community members.
  • To Settle disputes between individuals and the state/companies.
  • To reduce petty crime through education and counselling.